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Spolka z o.o.

A website where we share knowledge, in a practical way, about the most popular type of company in Poland, i.e. the limited liability company.

Spolka komandytowa

The most popular website in Poland entirely devoted to limited partnerships and their functioning.

The website discusses in detail the most important legal and tax issues for Polish entrepreneurs in running their businesses.


A website where we address important issues concerning transfer pricing and its documentation.

Zmiana warty

A website devoted to succession in a company and how to plan it properly from a legal and tax perspective.


A website, where we publish useful information in case of tax and customs control in the company.

Ulgi dla innowacji

A website about favorable tax solutions provided for entrepreneurs engaged in innovative activities.


A website dedicated to the rights of minority shareholders in situations of conflict in a company.


PragmatIQ Ksiegowosc (Accounting) comprises accountants, tax consultants, and lawyers specializing in accounting, finance, taxation, and corporate law. We've been advising companies on important transition processes for a decade.

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