Social initiatives

We organize and support sports, artistic, and educational events, and cooperate with foundations and associations. We strive to change everyday life for the better.

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Social initiatives

The EKIDEN PragmatIQ Marathon Relay has been organized since 2013 at Malta Lake in Poznań. 42,195 km together is the slogan of the EKIDEN PragmatIQ relay race, emphasizing its main values, i.e. the promotion of running in a team and completing a marathon distance together - seemingly unattainable for the average runner. We focus on integrating communities through healthy rivalry and competition, as well as great fun.

Prawie Bajki (fairy tales for kids)

What does it mean to be a lawyer? When do we enter into a contract? Do only adults deal with the law? We addressed these questions by publishing the “Prawie Bajki” book series. The books, which entertain and teach, have also become a great pretext for discussions with children about the law in everyday life. Books recommended by lawyers, parents, educators, and children.

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