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We support our clients in crises arising from actions that are detrimental to the interests of the company, blocking important decisions in the company (e.g. payment of dividends), and other behavior aimed at harming the shareholder. We advise on how to effectively exit the company or pay off a partner in a situation where there are extremely divergent visions regarding the company's further development strategy. We recognize how burdensome protracted litigation can be for a company and its shareholders. Therefore, using our skills in conflict analysis and creative solutions, we do our best to solve disputes outside the courtroom. At the same time, we have the knowledge and experience to defend our Clients' rights in court in those cases where other options of conflict resolution have been exhausted or are insufficient.

We represent Clients, among others, in cases concerning the annulment or revocation of resolutions, exclusion of a shareholder, dissolution of the company, and in matters related to liability for damages caused to the company.

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