Legal advisor


Rafal is the founder of PragmatIQ Law Firm. He is a legal advisor specializing in tax law and corporate law.

During his 30-year professional career, he has conducted several hundred investment and restructuring processes, often paving the way for new practice, and introducing innovative legal solutions. He advised on one of the first transformations of a civil law partnership into a limited liability company, which resulted in a landmark ruling of the Supreme Court in this respect, participated in one of the first mergers of a group of companies under the Commercial Companies Code, and conducted one of the first transformations of a limited liability company into a partnership and a division of a limited liability company in the Greater Poland Province. He has successfully represented numerous taxpayers in disputes over refunds of overpaid taxes.


He has also participated in dozens of transactions involving the acquisition of controlling stakes, the repayment of resigning shareholders, and the acquisition of new investors. His "marketing ADHD" can be seen in many of the firm's initiatives. He is a lecturer and speaker at trainings, workshops, and conferences. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.


Specializations of Rafal Szymkowiak

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